Which unlimited broadband internet plan is for you?

Which unlimited broadband internet plan is the best offer In Malaysia?

When I went with P1 Broadband Internet it was for several reasons, the first one being unlike most broadband internet in Malaysia, you don’t need any engineers or and wiring added to your home! Lets take a look at the rest.

To me it isn’t about the fastest internet broadband, but the best deal for the price you pay, so out of numerous packages I looked at I noticed For Home Broadband by P1 offers an awesome all round good deal when it comes to price, data and speed.Pricing is always going to be a concern for any person, I use internet mainly for surfing around, a lot (too much) social media and a bit of streaming every now and then, so I didn’t wish to spend a bomb, you can get unlimited broadband internet with P1 from as low as RM109, that’s cheap!

In terms of speed if you would like 10gbps plus you’ll need a fiber-optic cable, that wasn’t an option for me, so I was very pleased with the unlimited package speeds of 1-2gbps.Now every provider says they are able to get this speed or that speed, but one thing to bear in mind is that these are max speeds, for example at peak hours all providers will slow down a bit.


Source: http://www.p1.com.my/forhome/

After taking a look at Price and Speed, lets look at quota, this is where P1 kills it, because you just plug in a power pocket and turn it on similar to a smartphone, getting unlimited broadband (thats no quota limit) for as low as RM109 is awesome.Once you have decided on speed and quota the next most important thing is stability, I have heard some bad things about P1’s stability, however I live in KL and I have no idea if they have fixed things here or not, but I received pretty stable speeds constantly.

When I got P1 I additionally splashed out and got a ToGo Mifi modem as well as a For Home unit, so I have tested the connectivity out in other places besides my house, everywhere seemed farely good unless you go outside the connectivity areas like on long highways.So the above is my opinion and experiences, so don’t take my word for it, go and look for a few other blogs and reviews and see what they have to say.

Life insurance

Life insurance; What is it and why do we need it?


Life insurance

When taking out a life insurance, you may ask yourself; why is it necessary? The reason why people take out insurance is to ensure they’re covered and protected in the event they or their possessions are hurt or damaged or end up in financial problems. What you choose depends on your personal circumstances. For example, the risks you might run into and the financial risks you feel you’ll be able to bear or otherwise. If the calculated risks are bigger than your current level of  capabilities, i’ts better to look into insurances to secure your future.

A life insurance policy is an insurance related to the life or death. There are many differences between insurances but the biggest distinction factor for a life insurance policy is that it provides a certain amount (whatever amount that was insured) to be paid to the chosen beneficiary on the demise of the insured person. The policy will normally cover a number of condition of the insured’s death, depending on what was agreed, but for an added protection, you can also request for a combination of life and general insurance policy, where you and your loved ones will be protected in the event you are injured from an unexpected accident or come down with illness. Also, a life insurance policy can provide a periodic benefit in form of annual or monthly dividends, even after the insured’s demise.


A life insurance policy is used to build up a capital which will then be used in the future for investment purposes. There are many possible reasons to take out a life insurance policy, the most prominent being:


Caring for your family

What financial security are there for your partner and children when you pass away? Most probably, your income will not be there to take care of them. Your children will need to continue their studies after high school, but will it be possible for them to continue on with their education plans without your income? A life insurance is the perfect solution if you would like to ensure financial stability for your loved ones after your death. It is a comforting thought knowing that if something happens to you, your family still will have some kind of a financial security.


Security in old age

Most people like to enjoy their time after a long career of hard work. In return for your many years of contribution to the society, it’s common for one to receive pensions from the government. But in most cases, the pension will be much lower than your last salary, and by that time, you will certainly be used to a life of comfort and do not want to sacrifice that life when you retire.  You may think that the cleverest solution is to start saving from an early age to secure your retirement, but with money spent on our children, their education and other life commitments, it’s hard to really save enough to ensure a comfortable retirement. One of the many benefit of a life insurance policy is that it can make your old age comfortable for you and your dependents with minimum financial worries.


Saving for a purpose other than your pension

You might have a family, spouse or young (grand)children and want to ensure them with some kind of security. Especially for big events in the future, such as your daughter’s wedding or your children’s university fees – two of the things in life that may cost us the most. It’s a comforting thought knowing that when you won’t be able to be by your children’s side any longer, their financial matters are well looked after.


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Rooftop Bar

As Kl grows ever upwards, just one benefit is an rising number of rooftop bars where you can get magnificent views of the city.

Best Rooftop Bar in Malaysia


For the most part these are based in high end hotels, making for a mixed clientele of well-heeled locals, expats and visitors. Typically the dress code tends in the direction of “smart casual”, so no sandals, shorts or vests for males.


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All this Hotels and Bars have rules for their customers which one should obey and the rules are

rooftop bar

The beverages might become overpriced, and also the services frequently inept, but no KL venue can match the views from Sky Bar at Traders.

Particularly through the night, it looks like you can almost reach out and touch the Twin Towers.
Turn up by 19:00, and getting a window table isn’t as tough as you might think, especially if it’s been raining. Priority is given to hotel guests when ever it comes to table reservations.

Read here for more information about rooftop bar :https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/rooftop

The views at Luna, near the top of the Pacific Regency, probably won’t quite match those at Sky Bar, but they are still superb. The establishing too, from the twinkling pool, is extremely classy. While not of all tourists’ radar, Luna is favored by moneyed locals.

What this means is actually the bar (which opens from 19:00) can get away with charging a 50 ringgit cover charge after 21:30 on Friday and Saturday.

One of KL’s classiest new lodges about town, G-Tower, has never one yet two bars with great views. Suspended between two towers is the Bridge Bar, which will keep it’s exclusivity by imposing a 50 ringgit cover charge. This consists of one free drink, so it’s and not as bad an arrangement mainly because it sounds. View is somewhat more democratic, and consequently incorporates a much livelier atmosphere. See this link for that latest promotions and happy hour deals.

Another recent addition to the scene is Skylounge at the top of Ascott Kuala Lumpur (serviced residences). Operated by the exact same people at Sevenatenine, one of KL’s classiest bars, it possesses a more quiet, intimate experience than Sky, Luna or View. Skylounge is among the most greatest of the bunch for cocktails.

Bar Kuala Lumpur

Since one of the most world’s most loved cuisines it might be a surprise to learn that the true Italian cuisine hardly exists. The fact is, Italian meals are still largely considered by regions each and every region in Italy creating its own unique cuisine based upon its history, people and geography. Each region, and then province and city, adds its treasure to the national identity of Italian food, but the most suitable choice is to eat the local plates in every region – here are some of our favorites!

bar in kl
The region of Rome and also the starting point of the empire, Marble-8 food history can be more than overwhelming. From the classic thin-crust Roman pizza to the wealth of pasta and slow-cooked meats you’ll find more than enough local, amazing choices! Begin with pasta, perhaps trying a real macaroni and cheese, cacio e pepe, or an authentic carbonara. We suggest Bucatini all’amatriciana. Bucatini is really a spaghetti-like pasta with the hole through the middle. It’s then mixed with peperoncino, essential olive oil, a bit of tomato sauce and, most significantly, guanciale. Commonly confused or replaced with bacon, guanciale is actually pork cheek also, the only genuine way to cook amatriciana. Follow up these rich dishes with, a recipe from the popular Testaccio neighborhood in Rome. This dish is tail of the cow or bue, ox, sautéed with oil, garlic, cloves, wine and tomato sauce. Though the cut might turn you off, don’t be afraid to try – the Romans discover how to cook their meat!

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Emilia Romagna (including Bologna)
There are not many regions more famous for food than Emilia Romagna – its capital city, Bologna, is nicknamed “The Fat One!” Especially noted for their homemade egg pasta, le tagliatelle with ragù alla Bolognese is one dish that you can’t pass up when in Emilia Romagna. Just make sure that the pasta is tagliatelle – there’s no such thing as spaghetti al ragù! Now “alla Bolognese” is practically symbolic of a rich flavor and you can be sure that your meal will have a generous quantity of sauce and seasons. Subsequent your pasta with cotechino e lenticchie, or boiled sausage and lentils. Around since the 16th century, it’s likely that it originate from the farmer’s wisdom to use each of the parts from the pig, in this situation the pork rinds. Pair this hearty dish which have a slightly sparkling red wine like Lambrusco from Modena or Grasparossa from Castelvetro. Other regional delicacies include Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto and handmade stuffed pasta (tortellini).

Best bar in KL

Probably the most characteristic dish from Marche is most likely the vincisgrassi, a type of lasagna or baked pasta made in layers of pasta and meat sauce, made with different types of meat, and then sprinkled with cheese (not surprisingly!) Nevertheless the recipe was prepared honoring Alfred von Windisch-Graetz, an Austrian general who fought against Napoleon in order to save Ancona, a city in Marche. Actually, the recipe actually comes to cookbooks even prior to when that event however its importance is sealed in Marche history.

Find your best favorite bar now! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar

For hundreds of years along the central and southern Adriatic side of the Apennines livestock has migrated from mountain pastures in the summer to wintering areas, from Abruzzo to Puglia and back. In memory of the shepherding tradition order the agnello cacio e uova or roasted lamb cooked with prosciutto, onion, white wine and a breading made with egg, pepper, salt and grated cheese. Abruzzo is also one of the first regions to begin steady quantity of pepperoncino in the cuisine. You’ll find an added spice in the fish soups but especially in the maiale ‘ndocca ‘ndocca or more literally, “pig little by little.” It’s served hot over a section of bread soaked in the spicy chili pepper sauce, the sweetness in the meat mixing with the warmth within the peperoncini!

While there may be no such thing as Italian food, there may be a lot of food in Italy that will leave the mouth watering. The only question is, which region suits your tastebuds best?