Where To Eat And Drink When Traveling To Malaysia

Traveling to South East Asia and would like to get a taste of how the locals sit back and relax? Regardless of what time it is, a good time is always possible. There is a number of rooftop bars and restaurants to visit during your visit in the Asian landscape. Kuala Lumpur city has some of the best bar in KL for you to swig on mixed drinks of cocktails or relish on a glass of Champignon at the wine bar. Being an explorer and food aficionado, expect heaps of restaurant in KL that include a huge variety of cuisines to choose from. Simply having the mouth watering slab of steak to fulfill your craving for Western food in KL is something that is likely to happen especially if you are a traveling from another country.


Having excellent food and tipples with lovely views is not something you can come across easily. So, you have yet to discover places that offer the best of both worlds? Look no further as we list the best 4 destinations that is a must-visit.

Marble 8

If you are a steak aficionado, this marvelous steakhouse is smack right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. In Marble 8, you can expect some of the best steaks in Kuala Lumpur especially dry-aged wagyu meat. How their steaks are so special is that it is personally handpicked by Modesto Marini, the founder of The Marini Group. The list of steaks available on the menu are simply amazing, from popular cuts of tenderloin on the bone, rib-eye steak and even steak on stone. Besides that, you can make your way to M8, a elegant lounge bar KL that is integrated with the steakhouse. From Grey Goose to Absolut Vodka, their in-house mixologist concocts delicious hand made cocktails that will spark up your night amidst the picturesque scenery of Kuala Lumpur city.

Elysium Bar

What’s amazing about Elysium bar is that you get both the views of Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower itself. If you wish to get the perfect sunset scenery to accompany you, you can opt to sit outside of the balcony of the sunset bar. At Elysium, their mixology bar KL has an interesting list of cocktail mixes, combining some of your wine and spirits favourites. Ladies, do try out their delicate cocktails like Hibiscus Sour or the Lychee Martini that are simply perfect to savour on a ladies’ night. When you feel hungry, they have a good selection of finger foods that won’t hurt to snack on after a couple of drinks.

Mai Bar

Nestled at Aloft in KL Sentral, this trendy bar has a Tiki theme that features tropical cocktails on the rooftop. Due to the tropical theme of this bar, nearly all cocktails are served in a Tiki-themed mug. If you intend on bringing in summer vibes on your birthday celebration or any type of events in KL, do consider going to Mai Bar. Remember to book upfront to save a good spot for you and your peers.

The Malt & Leaf

Want to puff high quality cigars while relishing on fine malt whisky? This stylish yet masculine spot is for you. Malt & Leaf is a cigar lounge and bar that speaks opulence, while offering you premium cigars and excellent malt whisky. However you wish to spend your Day or night, this handsome whisky bar KL exudes you an air of cosiness for a relaxing spot for indulging decent whisky and cigars. The venue projects an air of cosiness and it will certainly bring your senses to a higher level with the starry scenery from the top.


Want to enjoy further with more recommendations? Check out Eat Drink My for more suggestions on the top best restaurant in KL.


Your Gateway To Fine Dining Heaven

Malaysia is a truly melting pot for an array of cuisines that one can find in restaurants as well as the bustling street. So many choices of food on the menu that you are often spoiled for choices, that you would have a tough time deciding what’s great to eat. What if you want something a little more special? In KL, having a dinner date at a romantic venue, chilling out at a wine bar spot or simply unwinding at the luxurious cigar lounge is always possible. Get your friends, clink glasses of wine and spirits at a rooftop bar with the backdrop of breathtaking KL cityscape views, isn’t that something so amazing? If you are up for Italian food, there are numerous Italian restaurant in KL.

Well if you need some help on finding the right place to spend your night at, we have three award-winning venues to highly recommend.

Marini’s on 57

When it comes to being in the center of Kuala Lumpur, don’t miss your chance to pay a visit to Marini’s on 57. It is the city’s tallest rooftop restaurant in KL, nestled on the 57th floor of the Petronas tower. The lofty bar in KL do not only offer some of the most timeless cocktails, but you should expect high quality Italian cuisine where each dish are carefully hand-picked by owner, Modesto Marini. At the whisky bar KL of Marini’s on 57, unique cocktails are handcrafted by specially by their mixologist. After witty conversations over an Italian meal and red wine, take it over at the dance floor and show off your best moves.

Cantaloupe at Troika Sky Dining

This exquisite restaurant in KL sits atop at Troika, highlighting a multi-concept fine dining Kuala Lumpur experience for patrons. The notion offers modern European cuisine on its menu to satiate the palate of those who seek for some taste of Western dishes.The interiors of the restaurant is luxuriously arranged with plentiful seating places for large groups, which makes it highly welcoming for families and friends. If you prefer a more romantic environment, opt to dine at the outdoor balcony where pleasure seekers are able to gawk at the great landscape views.

Marble 8

This steakhouse is no stranger for meat advocates. In Marble 8, slabs of meat are dry-aged perfectly up to 21 to 40 days in the restaurant itself. Be captivated by the impressive selection of steak dishes you can find on their steak house menu. Some of the most preferred cuts are the Tenderloin on the bone and rib-eye steaks. When you are not up for eating meat at the venue, Make your way to Marble 8’s separate bar in KL, M8, where you can clink glasses vodka cocktails in the enchanting garden site that is perfect for a breezy evening.

Head on over to Changkat or TREC for an exciting nightlife after a scrumptious meal in one of these venues stated. Begin bar hopping around a myriad of KL bar and then take it out at the major club in KL, Zouk Club.

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A deeper look into promoting products

Setting up your own startup can be a huge challenge if you start without a plan. Although there are several templates to use, writing your own business plan and adding your own vision into your business plan provides you that comfort of having a plan in your own hands instead of using someone else’s plan.

You can start a service company and provide services for potential customers or you can actually sell a physical product. Selling products are usually considered easier than selling a particular service. In case of your products, you can try to convince your customer by using the customer benefits to convince them purchasing your product. In order to understand people, you have to understand how they think.

The first step towards it, is understanding how people think in order to meet the needs of your client. There are several marketing tools to use when simplifying the route for the customer to purchase. The first (and probably most well-known) theory about understanding how customers think is to make use of the golden circle of Simon Sinek. The golden circle of Simon Sinek explains that there are three ways of thinking. We as humans think from how, why and what, while most of the more old fashioned companies like to present things opposite, starting from the what and ending on the why (if they even reach that point). How many old television campaigns have you seen with “The best computer, the fastest car or the best this or that”? These companies present you what they have, which will create rational thinking. People will start thinking about the claims and wonder if it is really true that brand X has the best computer or the fastest car. On the other side, if you start from the why, it might be more rewarding. One of the best examples of “Why” companies do what they do is probably Apple. Apple’s slogan is simply ‘Think different’. People who believe in the same principle as Apple represents itself, will more likely buy the products sold by Apple, since Apple sells the products for which this group stands, namely ‘Think different’. Have you ever seen an advertisement of Apple? Me neither. They use their YouTube-channel to show people why they believe in what they do, instead of naming the benefits of their product.

It can be difficult to learn how to promote your product effectively if you are a fresh graduate with zero to minimal experience in the work field. The most important step for this is to understand how the human brain works. Try to create customer journeys in order to retain your customers attention. Who wants their potential customer to leave after one click on your page? Try to create a route which customers can follow through your website. And try to create personas to better fit the needs of your customer and to translate your unique selling points into the customer needs. When creating personas, you give customers the possibility to reference themselves with the created persona, for example Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike. Every young soccer player wants to become as good as him and try to copy him skills. The more dedicated fans will buy shoes which look like Ronaldo’s. That’s why it can be an essential part of your campaign to associate your product with someone who can really promote your product. However, in the first few months, you won’t be able to contract someone like Cristiano Ronaldo. Try to create fictional persons to suit your product.


To be able to sell products, you might want to buy your products first so you can have some stock to start with. The cheapest option might be to source products from China. But then you have to look for a trustworthy import agent, who is following the rules of importing products from China, instead of dealing on a black market or has some shady trade partners. Try to google for ‘China to Australia import agents‘. What are you waiting for? Start importing from China.

Kuala Lumpur – A Destination

General partying in KL is like any other major western city, but alcohol prices are really on the pricier side especially when compared to the west. This is due to Malaysia’s taxes on alcohol as being a Muslim country. However, if you’re looking to have a big event such as a convention or a meeting in Malaysia, it is extremely affordable without compromising on quality as most of the meeting rooms come at a western quality without its prices!

The beauty of KL is that it’s a quality cosmopolitan city, nestled in tropical rainforests and nature. They also come with all the fun components so you have excellent restaurants (check out Marini’s group restaurants or those in Troika building), awesome shopping destinations and massive malls (check out Mid Valley Mega Mall for example), but then you also have beautiful hikes and boundless nature (check out this link: http://www.waterfallsofmalaysia.com/state.php?state_id=12)

grand-premier-1500x600In KL, there is an accommodation style and design for everyone as it is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer by means of shops, cuisine and attractions. If you are looking for a high quality hotel in Kuala Lumpur, you will most probably find a hotel that fits your needs. There are many high quality accommodation in KL as all the big name players are situated in the city centre including Intercontinental, Hilton, Intermark and Marriott.

KL is like most big cities in Asia (except for Singapore which happens to be an island of tranquility sitting off at the base of Malaysia), it is busy along with terrible traffic at peak hours. On the other hand KL city centre showcases inexpensive and comfortable AC ladened monorail and train services which will help you get out and reach your meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

Due to the fact transport can be a dilemma deciding on the ideal area regarding your hotel room in KL as location is a far more important factor. Everything in your stay will be determined by the hotel you chose! Wouldn’t it be great to have a meeting in one of the most of excellent KL international hotels? 


In the CBD you’ll also discover the majority of the entertainment and shopping areas, a hotel in Ampang or more specifically Jalan Ampang, will give you access to the rail network and a short walk or drive to the Petronas Towers and KLCC.

For more information, check out http://www.tourism.gov.my/



Kuala Lumpur City: What You Can Expect Living Here

A short while ago, I decided to make a trip down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city, for a wedding ceremony. Although I routinely travel there with regards to business, I have discovered it to be a lively, exciting city that has tons to offer. In Kuala Lumpur, lodging is made in style for anybody. However, if you are searching for a top quality hotel near Bukit Bintang, Malaysia stands out as the major hub for many flights out of Europe and U.S. to SE Asia.

Unsurprisingly, many individuals visit the country for businesses and big functions. During a wedding or holiday, one of my friend selected KL as the destination for their wedding ceremony, then deciding to move onto Thailand for their honeymoon. You can expect an excellent selection of hotels across Kuala Lumpur, where big name players including Hilton, Sheraton, Intermark, Marriott and KL Intercontinental are found within the city centre.

The KL international hotel scene is pretty strong, so you would want to look at a location on either Jalan Ampang that gives you access to the city’s very best hot spots. As Malaysia’s weather is basically summer all year long, the country has its fair share of sunny weather and stunning scenery.

Kuala Lumpur itself has a huge selection of restaurants from upscale to mid-range and even street food.  For fine dining in KL, you can expect heaps of places to visit such as Fuego, Marble 8 Steakhouse and Grand Hyatt’s very own restaurant bar, Thirty8 KL. For the ladies, Kuala Lumpur is the ultimate shopping heaven, as you will be spoiled for choices.

Kuala Lumpur is nestled in the lap of nature with numerous treks and waterfalls within an hour from the city center. This way you can get the tropical experience and be back in your top quality hotel within the same day. For general party and nightlife scene, Kuala Lumpur is like any other major western city, although alcohol prices are comparable to western countries due to Malaysia’s taxes on alcohol.

If you’re looking to have a big event such as a wedding or honeymoon Malaysia, wedding receptions, banquet halls and even wedding planner services come at western quality without western prices. Plus, you also have the luxury of the rustic and tropical surroundings.

Taxi’s are cheap by western standards, starting at RM3.00 per ride and only going up by small increments by KM, internal flights are also low cost though with a return to Penang as low as RM200 with www.airasia.com, quality hotels start from RM 350-500 with luxury hotels closer to the RM1000 mark.

Check out this video on travel guide to Malaysia.

Look out for more information on travel and living in Malaysia on Tourism Malaysia‘s webpage.

Starting a company in Australia? Try following these tips!

China Product Sourcing

Establishing a company can be very challenging if you don’t have a plan to start with. The first step to start a company is to make a draft for your business, better known as business plan. The draft consists different parts, such as a financial plan (how are you going to finance your new company?),  personal information such as experience and general information, also a small market research, such as your target group and competitors (if you have done it) and last  but not least, your successful idea and how you are going to run your idea. Make sure that you will get some feedback before you show it to potential investors.

The next step to make your drafted concept reality, is to find funders or investors who are willing to fund your company, as it will be really challenging to start a company with your own capital. Of course, if you can’t find any investors or funders, you can lend it from a bank. However, a bank won’t lend you money very easy. That’s why you have to start with the business plan, so you can present your business plan to the bank so you can convince the bank (or other funders/investors of course) to loan/invest/fund your business concept.

China Product Sourcing 1

After the financial part is finished, you will be looking for the administrative part. You have to register your company. Thing to consider during this phase are the company name, company structure, get a consent with those who are involved with you company and understand your obligations as an officeholder. When you finished these steps you are ready to go! Or have you forgotten something?

You have probably forgotten some things during the first few weeks, such as having cash to buy things like supplies, inventory or for your cash register. You will also have to decide whether you are going to use a personal bank account to do transactions or to open a business bank account.

China Product Sourcing 2

The amount of stock can be big or small, depending on the kind of business you are planning to run. If you are planning to import products, you can use your own network to find a supplier or find a supplier on the internet. Although planning everything yourself can be very difficult such as legal issues or comparing the prices you can also have your stock acquisitions outsourced. Optional you can find someone for your China Product Sourcing. A good example of a China Product Sourcing Company is MyShipper Australia. They are specialised in China Product Sourcing to Australia and they have a network of different trusted suppliers and the costs for a supplier overseas can be cheaper than a local supplier. Especially in Australia, which has one of the strictest policies when it comes to importing products or shipping products from other countries.

Apple’s Growth In Cambodia

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - SEPTEMBER 29, 2014: New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 P

Apple Inc spearheaded into Cambodia in 2006 when outlook in the market was highly uncertain and specific quarters of the nation was laughing at Apple’s bold move, dicing with the favours of success.

Well, the last laugh is on them. Bite my Apple, so it seems. See where Apple is today in Cambodia? Since launching their products, Apple has experienced nearly 300 percent growth exponentially, leaving many other players dumbfounded with such unexpected rapid progress.

Cambodia’s premier Apple reseller, iOne started the ball rolling by selling Macs and offering free classes for all Mac users whether they bought one or not. Practically everyone in Cambodia could go to the open class, fuelling interests and gaining traction for both Apple and its local consumers.

Having gained a foothold in the personal computer marketplace, Apple then moved into the mobile business among trepidations in the Cambodian sector and it proved to be a game changer when its iPhone products proved popular among young professional Khmers.

Currently the iPhone represents half of Apple’s sales figure and in Cambodia, it is now leading in smartphone sales. The appearance of iPad garnered more users that demand a trendy and easy to carry mobile device so much so that Apple later launched the iPad 2, a slimmer and lighter version of the previous device. Since then more than 15 million iPads were sold worldwide.

With a leading local network service provider, Smart, which currently provides 4G LTE bandwidth – rolling out the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus packaged with its data and call plans – crunched up more numbers in Apple’s sales.

Apple’s strategy of designing their devices to update each other automatically gives an edge to all users that own an iPhone, iPad and iMac. Therefore Apple has shown its advantages to the mass market that their devices are user-friendly and easy to connect. It’s no wonder that Cambodians are recognising the value of Apple’s seamless systems.

In a way, it explains Apple’s continuous rising popularity in Cambodia and the local industry has also predicted a stable steady growth that sees Apple in a positive light in its annual growth.

Hair removal

Facial threading versus facial waxing

Since I lived in Malaysia, I’ve tried a new hair removal treatment. I used to go to waxing salons, but here I saw a threading salon for hair removal. I had never heard of it, so I did some research and I figured I should give it a go. After actually getting the hairs on my face removed via threading, I’ve made my own comparison between both hair removing methods.

Facial waxing:

When you go for a facial waxing, a hard or soft wax is applied to your face. This is in accordance to where you want your hairs to be removed, whether it’s on your upper lip, chin, eyebrow, or even sideburns. For the hard wax option, the aesthetician will apply the wax directly on the targeted areas, wait a few seconds for it to harden, then pull it off in one swift movement for an effective removal of hairs.

In the case of soft wax, a cloth strip will be placed over the wax once it’s been applied, which will later be ripped off as well. See any left overs? Don’t worry, the aesthetician will pull out any visible hairs with tweezers.

Some natural oils such as sunflower, vitamin E or coconut oil will then be applied to the waxed areas to minimize any redness or ingrown hairs, as well as giving your skin that lovely sheen.

It’s said that the hard wax treatment is less painful than the soft wax, as the wax used is thicker and ‘grabs’ on to each strands of hairs more firmly, which minimize the discomfort once it’s pulled off the skin. But for me personally, I don’t really feel the difference as I’m too used to waxing, except to notice that the price for hard waxing is always higher. I must say that most hard wax leaves fewer irritations and ingrown hair, though.

Waxing of the eyebrows
Waxing of the eyebrows

Facial Threading:

This method is the most common form of hair removal in India for the obvious reason – it’s way cheaper than waxing. Threading doesn’t involve a lot of materials, all you really need is a good spool of thread, but it requires much more of art and skill than waxing – otherwise the aesthetician will risk burning and cutting your skin.

To start with, some powder will be applied to the targeted areas to eliminate any oil or moisture to ease the hair removal. A length of thread will then be twisted around each other in a loop, in a triangle shape around the fingers and mouth of the aesthetician. It sounds pretty weird, but only the dry and clean part of the thread will actually your skin, and the used thread are as a rule thrown out after use, so you don’t need to worry about hygiene issue.

Moving on, the hair will be caught and ripped out of the follicle when the two threads are twisted around each other between the fingers of the aesthetician. There is some effort required from you as well; you will need to stretch your skin around your eyebrow and stick your tongue into your upper lip for a smoother hair removal process. Once all the hairs are removed, some aloevera or soothing gel will be applied on your skin to ease the burning and the pain (no kidding, it really brought tears to my eyes)


So, which method is the best?

Both methods last about the same amount of time and effectively remove the hair off your face. Threading is definitely the cheaper option of the two, as it involves fewer materials. However, some people think threading is a lot more painful than waxing. But, of course this depends on your own pain tolerance and personal view, so I think if you haven’t tried either hair removal method yet, you should just try it once and decide which method you prefer. And don’t forget: beauty is pain!


Where to find waxing or threading salons?

In Klang Valley area alone, there are hundreds of beauty salons that offer both hair removal treatments. I personally used Beauty Guide, the online directory and e-magazine for all things beauty and wellness related. You can check it out yourself at beautyguide.com.my for the list of hair removal salons closest to you. Happy trying!


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Facebook SMS

Texting through Facebook

Is social media really that social?

Technology and Social Media are developed to make communicating with each other easier and faster. But have you ever thought about how “anti-social” it actually makes us?

One of the features that Facebook offers nowadays is the Facebook SMS, which lets users interact with the website through text messages. To name one example, when it’s the birthday of one of the people in your contact list you will receive a text message. This SMS reminds you of their birthday and offers you the possibility to congratulate them as rapid as possible by just replying “1”. Piece of cake right?

Facebook SMS
Facebook SMS

But doesn’t that take away the personal touch?

Sceptics will always be there to comment on things that go beyond the ideas that we are used to. When e-mails were found out they probably still preferred an old fashioned letter, or even a pigeon that brings their post. The opportunity is there; Facebook is not forcing you to participate, so you remain the one that’s in control. You can also enter your own message in the text, and let the service post that for you, if you prefer a more personal touch.

Thing is, that sometimes innovations will not be always to your liking. But hey, you are free to choose what you want to use. If you feel more comfortable with sending a postcard, then you should absolutely send that! I think it is very handy for when I don’t have a lot of time on my hands and still want to let my friends know that I think about them. No need to unfriend me, I might not have had enough time to send you an essay of 500 words explaining to you how much I wish you a happy birthday. Alright, maybe I cheat a little because I did not actually remember it myself, but needed to be reminded by a device, so what? At least I don’t forget the 554 birthdays from all my contacts.

It is the future!

Nevertheless, it is part of the future and technology will expand our norms and values, and will exceed our expectations of possibilities eventually. Facebook gives everyone the power to share anything with the people they care about. Facebook SMS from Smart enables everybody to receive and send messages, wall posts, add friends and  update status via SMS text messages! There is no need for an internet connection, and added to that, it is also very cheap with its 1 cent per SMS.

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Botox treatment

The truth about Botox – a powerful neurotoxin

Back in the early nineties, when Botox first appeared in the medical scene, people were shocked. Injecting a chemical substance under the surface of your skin to obtain firmer and youthful skin? That just didn’t seem right to many of us, and the ones who actually did the treatment were ultimately considered as narcissistic and vain.

Today, with the technology that revamped the entire concept of Botox and made it safe and almost painless, many of those with wrinkly forehead and line-creased mouth line up for this treatment with the hope of bringing back a youthful face – and no doubt it works! Now it’s just another medical appointment for many of us, and are considered as normal as a manicure.

botox treatment
botox treatment

How does it work?

The doctors still debate about the rationale of the use of Botox as a medicinal treatment, but many describe this lethal neurotoxin as a “wonder drug” despite its hazardous possibilities. Why? While it’s known best for its use in cosmetic surgery, Botox (scientifically known as botulinum toxin) is also widely used to treat various medical issues including migraine, severe sweating, and dystonia.

Even though it’s one of the costliest and toxic substances known to man, it has proven to be very successful and valuable therapeutic when administered with caution. Botox is usually injected in very small concentrations in order to do its job, preventing nerve cells from reaching muscles, thus effectively blocking its communication with neurotransmitters. This results in the muscles being paralyzed for a period of time – making the skin surface appear ‘smooth’ and bouncy.

Although it might look like the wrinkles are “filled”, Botox is NOT a filler. The goal is to make facial features appear more relaxed with visibly minimalized wrinkles. Eventually you will be able to enjoy your rejuvenated face in 4 – 5 months after each session, and the cost of this procedure normally starts from USD 300.

Can it be applied in the entire face area?

Not quite, the law only approves the area between the eyebrows, also known as the thinker’s wrinkle. But recently, new areas that have been declared safe for this procedure has been added, including the area around the corner of the eyes, or the so-called crow’s feet lines. Of course, it’s possible to use Botox in your forehead and other places such as lips and cheeks, but these are off-label and can only be done by a professional physician.


 What are the risks and side effects?

The injections are generally well tolerated by human body and side effects are minimal and rare. But in very some exceptional cases, small unusual responses can occur. According to research, almost 1% of the people that have used Botox developed antibodies to the chemical substance that rendered the treatment ineffective.

 -How unlucky can one be?-

Furthermore, mild pains, numbness, headaches or other weaknesses can occur. All of these minimal side effects usually fade within a few days after the procedure, after which the full effect of the Botox treatment can be seen, youthful skin and all.

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